10 applications for the sale of inexpensive credit to housewives
10 applications for the sale of inexpensive credit to housewives

10 applications for the sale of inexpensive credit to housewives

During the lockdown, the business of selling inexpensive pulses is an attractive option. There is no need for a physical store because there are numerous applications for selling credit at the lowest prices. Through the application, it will be easier for consumers to acquire credit. Consider the nature of credit seller applications.

The online application for selling credit allows you to start a credit-buying service. There are applications that provide the most affordable and secure services.

Additionally, the credit seller application provides benefits in the form of simple transactions, low prices, and transaction security. The application can be used for daily payments in addition to selling credit.

The application of selling inexpensive pulses is expanding over time. Many additionally offer electricity payment services, e-wallet balance top-ups, and BPJS payments.

Using an online credit selling application makes it more practical to start a business from home during the pandemic, as there is no need to purchase supplies from outside the home.

The recipe.id team will therefore recommend the ten most affordable and secure credit selling applications. Let’s see.

1. Okay Kiosk

Not only does Oke Kios offer a platform for selling phone credit, SMS packages, and data packages, but it also offers additional services. The services include the purchase of PLN Tokens and the payment of PLN, as well as the payment of BPJS, PDAM, monthly TV, and other Postpaid payments. In addition to offering e-Money and E-Wallet balance top-up services. Simply mention Dana, Gopay, Ovo, and others.

Currently, Oke Kiosk is arguably one of the best options for topping up or selling credit. In addition to the low price, the minimum deposit required to add balance is also reasonable at IDR 10,000.

Don’t overlook its straightforward interface, which makes it easy to use. Oke Kios also offers 24/7 online transaction services and responsive customer service. You can replenish or even sell credit and other services at any time and in any location.

2. PayFazz

PayFazz is the cheapest credit selling application. This application enables the sale of telephone and SMS credit as well as internet package credit. You can offer credit services to customers of all operators, from Telkomsel to Smartfren.

This Android top up application allows you to sell Gopay top up services, fill PLN Tokens and Pay PLN, pay BPJS, pay PDAM, pay Postpaid services, and make additional payments. The PayFazz application was created by PT Payfazz Teknologi Nusantara and has been downloaded over 1 million times.

3. PayDay

PayDay is suggested as the next online credit selling application. This application enables you to become a credit agent or credit seller for either telephone or internet credit. With this cheapest top-up application, you can easily make credit transactions, data package purchases, PLN payments, and other types of payments.

In addition to top up online credit, you can offer customers a variety of other services, such as top up, top up PLN tokens, top up Grab and Gojek balances, pay PDAM, buy Game Vouchers, pay BPJS, and top up e-money balances, among others. This application for the cheapest credit was created by PayDay Digital Nusantara and has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

4. Press Credit

KlikPulsa is an online retailer of inexpensive pulses. This application enables you to become a provider of credit and other payment services simultaneously.

Through this 2022 application for cheap pulse, you can provide credit purchase services. Examples include data packages or internet quotas, electricity tokens, Gopay balances, Ovo balances, e-Money balances, payment for Cable TV services, internet services, PDAM, ShopeePay, BPJS, and numerous others.

This application for selling credits was created by KlikPulsa, has been downloaded more than one hundred times, and was just released at the end of February 2020.

5. Pulse

Credit selling application for Sepulsa
This online credit selling service can be used for personal or commercial purposes. Because Sepulsa enables the reloading of credit and data packages, electricity tokens, BPJS Health, PDAM, and Telkom within a single application.

Sepulsa also collaborates with Midtrans and employs SSL and 3D Secure technology to ensure the security of all credit transfer transactions within the application.

This application for selling credit has a Customer Service (CS) that you can contact if there is a problem with the application for selling credit. The Sepulsa application was created by Sepulsa Teknologi Indonesia and has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

6. Unitedtech

Unitedtronik Unitedtronik is the next-cheapest place to sell pulses online. If there is a problem with the application, you can contact the application’s online Customer Service (CS) service, which is available 24 hours a day.

Unitedtronic can be used to sell credit and other services, including payments for PLN, BPJS, and PDAM to top up e-wallet services such as Dana, OVO, and Gopay. This application, which was created by PT Unitedtronik Perkasa Sejahtera, has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

7. M-Pulse

M-Pulsa offers quick, simple, and inexpensive transactions for online credit purchases or online credit transfers, purchases of pln tokens, online bill payments, and purchases of game vouchers.

This application for selling credit at competitive prices can be used to sell credit online or as a standalone service. These benefits make M-Pulsa an application suitable for both commercial and personal use. PT Modern Pulsa Investama created M-Pulsa, which has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

8. Konter24jam.com

The eighth is the website Konter24jam.com. This application automates the purchase of online or electric top-ups, internet quota, PLN tokens, game vouchers, and other payments.

Through Konter24jam.com, you can become a credit seller without having to memorize product codes; simply fill out the order form, click the order button, and the product will be quickly processed. This application for selling credit at the lowest price was created by Online 24 Hours Counter and has been downloaded over ten thousand times.

9. Ayopop

Ayopop is an application that enables you to become a service provider for purchasing online credit, internet data packages, PLN electricity tokens, BPJS fees, PDAM fees, multi-finance installments of State Gas, insurance payments, game vouchers, and other bills.

The cheapest application for selling credit also permits you to offer OVO and Gopay balance charging services. PT Ayopop Teknologi Indonesia created Ayopop, which has been downloaded over 1 million times.

10. Kioser

The final application is the Kioser Application, which can be used to sell inexpensive online credit for all national operators. In addition, Kioser offers payment services for PLN tokens, game vouchers, e-money balances, and additional online payment transactions.

This application has a history feature that logs your transaction history and provides round-the-clock Customer Service (CS). PT Kioser Teknologi Indonesia created Kioser, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

So, that was the best application for selling credit that you could try. We hope you find these recommendations helpful. Best of luck!

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