10 online PDF compression applications that are free and make PDF creation simple
10 online PDF compression applications that are free and make PDF creation simple

10 online PDF compression applications that are free and make PDF creation simple

There are numerous online and offline Android applications for compressing PDF files, making it simpler to learn how to compress PDF files. You can use it for free or pay for an advanced version.

Have you ever had difficulty sending PDF files because the file size exceeded 200 kilobytes? Therefore, we will recommend online PDF compression applications.

There are numerous free PDF compression applications available for use. The PDF file application, which was originally 10 MB in size, can be reduced to 2 MB or even 500 KB.

Using a variety of available applications, it is possible to reduce the size of a PDF on a mobile device. This process can also be performed directly using an Android smartphone application.

We have compiled some of the most dependable and free PDF file compression apps for Android. Below is a list of the top PDF compression applications.

1. PDF Tools

The PDF tools application provides multiple features for PDF file processing. Including Merge PDF, Split PDF, Delete Page, Lock PDF, Unlock PDF, Add Watermark, and Compress PDF.

The user interface is quite intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. This PDF compression application is available for free download. Additionally, you will not be bombarded with advertisements, which are typically annoying in free applications.

The file size of this online PDF file compression application developed by Puna Devops is approximately 5.29 MB. The PDF Tools application is relatively small compared to the number of features it provides.

2. All PDF: PDF Reader

This Android application for compressing PDF files is equally as functional as the preceding application. PDF Reader offers a multitude of PDF processing features, despite its ostentatious appearance. Therefore, it is not solely for reading PDF files.

All PDF: PDF Reader has many features in addition to PDF compression, including the ability to split PDF files, merge PDFs, organize pages, edit metadata, and organize pages.

This online PDF file compression application can also extract and save the document’s images in a separate folder. All PDF also supports the conversion of PDF files to JPG images.

3. I Love PDF

This Android application for compressing PDF files also provides the capability to compress PDF files.

This application is not only capable of PDF compression, but also PDF signature creation, PDF merging, PDF splitting, PDF converters, and many other useful functions.

Interestingly, this Android application can reduce PDF file sizes in 25 different languages. In addition to English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, there is also Indonesian.

This Android application for PDF file compression is available for free download. The application is roughly 23 MB in size. I Love PDF is one of the most feature-rich PDF compression applications for Android.

4. PDF Utils

PDF Utils is a PDF compression application designed specifically for mobile device users. PDF Utils provides a variety of PDF processing conveniences and features.

PDF Utils offers a variety of features, including compress PDF, merge PDF, extract images from PDF, add text or watermark, encrypt PDF, and many others.

PDF resizing applications can also access PDFs stored on Google Drive or OneDrive. The file size is also relatively modest at 4.85MB.

5. Compress PDF

Seeing the name of this application, you are undoubtedly aware of its primary capabilities. This application can be used to decrease the size of your PDF file.

Given that there is only one function, this application does not contain any “disturbing” features. There are no intrusive advertisements and the user interface is straightforward.

In addition to being able to compress PDF files on the smartphone’s internal memory, users can also retrieve PDF files from various cloud platforms. As well as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Online PDF compression also offers in-app purchases. According to Compress PDF, purchasing items within this application will allow you to accelerate the PDF compression process. The price of a single item is IDR 109,000.

6. RAR

If you are searching for a free, straightforward, and quick PDF file compression application for your Android smartphone, you can try RAR.

The functionality of this PDF compression application is comparable to that of WinRAR on desktop devices, but it has been developed for mobile devices or smartphones.

Users can compress files in RAR and ZIP formats using RAR. In addition, you can decompress RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, and ISO archives.

7. B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver is a collection of applications for creating, extracting, and converting ZIP files. This application is available for free on Google Play.

In terms of its features, this PDF resizing application supports 37 distinct compression formats, and it can also extract and compress ZIP files.

8. ZArchiver

ZArchiver is a reasonably popular application. This is the best PDF compression application for smartphone file management needs.

The only difference between ZArchiver and RAR is its file support. ZArchiver enables the creation of multiple archive formats, including ZIP, BZIP2, GZIP, XZ, TAR, and ZST.

In addition, this application allows you to create and decompress password-protected compressed files, as well as edit archives.

9. WinZip

Winzip is another popular application on the list that can help you compress or extract files on your Android device.

The WinZip interface is also quite attractive and includes a number of intriguing features. This best PDF compress app supports Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to quickly locate zip files on cloud-based platforms.

10. Zipper

Zipper is the name of a PDF compression application. This application can extract and compress all prevalent file formats, including PDF.

This application also includes a variety of auxiliary features, including a task manager, flash viewer, file manager, and image viewer, among others.

Additionally, this application permits users to transfer ZIP files over WiFi. Very simple, right?

These are the ten best PDF file compression applications available for Android devices. We hope that the recommendations we provide will facilitate your work or task.

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