The Five Best Android Applications for Compressing Videos
The Five Best Android Applications for Compressing Videos

The Five Best Android Applications for Compressing Videos

A Google Play Store search for applications that compress video will yield dozens of results. Some of the apps are as advertised, but the vast majority are a waste of time.

Whether you need to compress your videos for online sharing or to free up space on your device, we’ve compiled the most dependable Android video compression apps.

What Constitutes a Good Video Compression Program?
When compressing a video, the primary objective is to reduce the file size as much as possible. But is that all a good video compression app entails? Absolutely not.

In addition to reducing file size, a quality compression app should preserve as much of the original video quality as possible. Additionally, this should be accomplished as quickly as possible. Quality is of utmost importance. What is the purpose of compressing large video files if the resulting videos are unappealing?

Here are some of the most dependable Android applications for video compression.

1. VidCompact

VidCompact is both popular and highly rated on the Google Play Store, with millions of downloads and a 4.6-star rating. It has a straightforward user interface. After launching the application, a large “Trim & Compress” button appears to initiate the compression process.

Both the batch compression and lossless compression options are behind a paywall. The lossless compression ensures that the image quality and resolution of compressed videos are preserved. It produced good video quality during testing, but it was not lossless as advertised.

How Does It Perform on Tests?
We attempted to compress a 58 MB video of 4 minutes and 41 seconds in length. The test was conducted on an Android smartphone with 4 GB RAM and Android 10

The video was compressed to 27 MB and took 4 minutes to compress. The initial video resolution of 1280×720 pixels was reduced to 848×480 pixels. The resulting video was of high quality, with no discernible difference on an average mobile phone display.

Excellent picture quality at 53% compression
Friendly user interface
Optional batch compression

Some essential features are only accessible through a paid subscription.

2. Video Compress

Video Compress, unlike other apps on our list, is primarily designed for video compression as opposed to video editing in general. Once the application is launched, a list of all videos on the device is displayed. Simply select one and tap the Compress Video button to begin.

The user interface is intuitive and visually appealing. It ranks among the best on our list based on all metrics. You have the option of downgrading image quality while maintaining the original resolution, or downgrading resolution while preserving the original image quality to the greatest extent possible.

You are not limited to a list of preset video resolutions when using Video Compress; you have complete control over the video’s resolution. In addition, you can adjust the bitrate of your video to reduce the resulting file size even further.

How Does It Perform on Tests?
We tested the same video on the same device, and it produced a 24 MB, 853×480-pixel video. Approximately 58% compression. Despite the level of compression, the final video did not appear distorted on an average mobile display.

If you choose a slightly lower image quality at the same resolution, the final video file size will be approximately 16MB. By adjusting the bitrate, you can reduce the file size to 13MB. All compression, regardless of quality, required approximately four minutes to complete.

Numerous predefined resolutions
Option to specify a specific target resolution
You can adjust the video bitrate for improved compression.
For longer videos, you must remain in-app until the compression is complete; minimizing may cause the process to fail.
Absence of batch compression

3. Video Compressor Panda Resizer

The Panda Resizer is an additional option on our list. It has an intuitive interface that makes it simple to locate the video files you wish to compress.

The application provides numerous preset resolutions as well as the option to specify a custom target resolution for compressed videos. Unlike other items on this list, there are no additional fancy features. Nothing but video compression is present.

How Does It Perform on Tests?
Video Compressor Panda Resizer created a 26MB video with a resolution of 853×480 pixels using the same video and device. The resultant image quality on mobile displays is commendable and comparable to that of the original video.

Pros Option for batch compression
Easy to navigate
Numerous preset resolutions and the ability to specify a custom target resolution
Slightly surpassed the 4-minute compression time attained by other applications.

4. The YouCut

YouCut is an Android application for video editing and video compression. Although the interface is attractive, it is not particularly intuitive. Since video compression is not its primary function, there are fewer compression tools and more editing tools. YouCut can also reduce the size of images if you’re searching for Android apps to do so.

If you edit videos on Android, the compression tool provided by YouCut will come in handy. It will aid in minimizing the final file size of edited videos. YouCut may not be the best option if you wish to compress arbitrary videos on your device. However, it does the job.

How Does It Perform on Tests?
YouCut was unable to compress the test video with an 853×480-pixel target resolution. Although it is capable of producing videos with significantly higher resolutions, our test video was incompatible. This does not appear to be a device-specific issue, as two other devices experienced identical problems.

YouCut could only achieve a resolution of 568×320 with a file size of 20MB for the test video.

Pros Works exceptionally well with in-app video editing
Excellent results Cons

Ads interrupting the free version
The paid version offers no significant compression functionality enhancements.


5. Video.Guru VideoMaker

As with YouCut, Video.Guru VideoMaker is not a video compression application. It is a popular video creation tool with video compression capabilities. Since video compression is not its primary function, locating the appropriate tool is not intuitive. It has a beautiful interface, and if you’re into video editing, you’ll find its compression tool to be quite useful.

It is also among the most popular video editing applications. Therefore, you can also use this feature to add effects to compressed videos.

How Does It Perform on Tests?
Video.Guru can produce a 480p result from the test video, unlike YouCut. There is, however, a plot twist. The final video is almost twice as large as the original. In this instance, it appears the app misunderstood the concept of compression entirely. Regardless, it did an excellent job compressing other high-quality videos and deserves to be on the list.

After reducing the resolution of our test video to 568×320, we obtained a 28MB file with aesthetically pleasing image quality.

Excellent performance when editing videos
Excellent results Cons
Leaving the app while compression is active may cause it to stop.
Sometimes, the free version contains intrusive video advertisements.

Your Equipment Can Impact Performance
The process of video compression is resource-intensive. The processing power of your phone can significantly impact the speed and, in some cases, quality of the results you obtain. Consider using high-end devices if you desire a smoother compression experience, especially when compressing longer, larger videos.

Once you’ve successfully compressed your video collection on your mobile device, take a look at our list of the best free video players so that you can watch them.

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