The ten most effective and lightweight online video editing tools
The ten most effective and lightweight online video editing tools

The ten most effective and lightweight online video editing tools

The proliferation of video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, etc., has piqued the interest of numerous individuals in learning video editing techniques. This time, we’ve compiled a list of online video editing applications to make video editing easier for those of you who desire to do so.

This online video editing application facilitates the improvement and simplification of video editing.

Here we have compiled a list of the ten best online video editing applications, which are ideal for those of you who are just starting out and want to create cooler videos.

1. BeeCut

BeeCut was the first online video editor. This application can be used for a variety of video editing tasks, including trimming, merging, adding music, and other features.

This online video editor application is evidently very useful for those who wish to edit short videos and the like. Multiple video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc., are also supported.

The interface of BeeCut is also quite good. This web-based online video editing application is accessible from a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone running Android or iOS.

2. Hippo Videos

Hippo Video is the second free online video editing application. Similar to the previous application, Hippo Video has a fairly intuitive interface for new users.

As with other video editing applications, you can cut videos, combine them, and add music. Additionally, you can record videos directly from your PC’s webcam and then edit them.

Hippo Video is also a viable option for those in search of a watermark-free online video editing application. Want to try it out?

3. Magisto

Magisto can be utilized if you desire a video application with a fairly comprehensive set of features. This application is equipped with AI capable of instantaneous editing.

This online video editor application can produce interesting video editing results with minimal effort. You only need to prepare the video, soundtrack, and effects to be applied to the video.

You can access Magisto directly on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Additionally, this application is cross-platform, so your project can be accessed directly from multiple devices.

4. WeVideo

WeVideo is the next suggested online video editing application. This application is compatible with PCs, laptops, and Android and iOS-based smartphones.

This application facilitates simple video editing. 4K is the highest video resolution that can be produced.

Intriguingly, WeVideo also offers cloud-based storage, so you can edit videos online from any device and access your projects from anywhere.

5. Kapwing

Kapwing is an application with numerous useful editing features. In addition to cutting and merging images and adding audio, Kapwing also includes tools for adding subtitles and resizing the video.

This application can also combine content in photo and GIF formats, in addition to video. Additionally, Kapwing has an option to remove the watermark from the final video. Simply, you must initially log in to Kapwing.

6. Wideo

Wideo offers video creation services in the form of animation, which is slightly distinct from other applications. They provide numerous templates that users can utilize.

Additionally, various elements can be added easily, allowing you to create the animation as you see fit. Available elements include text, objects, and images, among others.

7. Movie Maker Online

Want to use a simple and uncomplicated video editing application? You may wish to utilize the services of Movie Maker Online.

Movie Maker Online, like other video editing applications, allows you to trim and merge videos, add transitions and audio, and more.

Movie Maker Online does not include a watermark, so it is ideal for those who do not want watermarks to appear on their video output.

8. ClipChamper

ClipChamp is one of the best and most popular online video editing applications. ClipChamp offers additional features, such as the ability to convert and compress videos, in addition to its editing capabilities.

The app also allows you to save completed videos to your computer or share them directly to Google Drive and similar services.

In addition to basic editing, users can also add text, backgrounds, and transitions.

9. Online Video Cutter

As its name suggests, this application can assist those who wish to cut videos in a straightforward and hassle-free manner.

In addition to being able to trim the video to your liking, you can also rotate it by up to 270 degrees. Your completed video can be saved with a maximum resolution of 1080p, also known as Full HD.

Interestingly, this application for video editing is free. To test it out, simply visit the Online Video Cutter website.

10. Video Crop

Finally, there is a straightforward application known as Video Crop. This application is useful for those who wish to remove unwanted segments from an edited video.

This application allows you to select which portions of a video to display and which to remove. Additionally, Video Crop can be used without cost or watermark.

These are the ten best online video editing applications for beginners. What application would you like to test? Congratulations on completing the video’s editing; we hope the results are satisfactory.

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