Utilizing these seven collage applications, you can collect your most memorable photographs in an orderly fashion
Utilizing these seven collage applications, you can collect your most memorable photographs in an orderly fashion

Utilizing these seven collage applications, you can collect your most memorable photographs in an orderly fashion

Confused about selecting images for social media? Use the best photo collage applications available on smartphones, such as PicsArt, Photo Grid, etc., to create one of these photographs.

The application we recommend allows users to create a photo collage from a collection of images. Some companies provide frames and a variety of themes that can enhance the appearance.

Following is a list of applications that can be used to create collages on smartphones with relative ease. Please review the list below.

1. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the most feature-rich photo collage editing applications available for mobile devices. It is simple to make, given its numerous attributes.

In addition to making it simpler for users, PicsArt offers a selection of grids and frames. This will make it more diverse and colorful.

Additionally, PicsArt has numerous additional editing features. Including adjusting contrast and brightness, adding filters and stickers, and numerous other options.

2. Image Grid

Photo Grid is an application for combining multiple images into one. In addition to photos, PhotoGrid allows users to incorporate videos into a 100-photo collage.

Additionally, users will be able to add music, text, and emoji. This multi-photo collage application offers filters and transitions to improve editing results.

The PhotoGrid application has also been designated as one of Google’s editors’ picks. This indicates that the quality and functionality have been widely acknowledged.

3. Photo Mix plus

Photo Mix + is the next photo collage app you can use to combine multiple images. Create from your favorite photographs.

Photo Mix + offers a variety of templates from which users can select. It is embellished with colorful frames and filters. The user interface of this photo collage maker application is designed to be simple and intuitive.

4. Photo Collage Creator

As the name implies, the primary function of this application is to create photo montages. In addition, the application provides users with an extensive selection of filters, stickers, text, and templates.

Photo Collage Maker can generate up to 18 images simultaneously. There are more than 100 frame and grid layouts available for use.

Another advantage is that the photo collage is saved in high resolution. You can also share it directly on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, etc.

5. Layout

If this particular photo application is an Instagram application. Therefore, users who wish to upload collage-shaped photos to Instagram can create them directly by utilizing the Layout application.

This photo collage application allows users to combine nine images into one. Photos created in Layout can also be edited with Instagram’s filters and other editing tools.

6. Image Collage and Grid

Photo Collage & Grid is deserving of your consideration. You can express your creativity by instantly creating photo collages with a variety of poster templates. You can change the background color and adjust the frame.

This 100 photo collage application can combine up to 18 images to produce a photo collage. The app contains over 100 layouts with customizable borders, aspect ratios, and backgrounds, in addition to over 500 Filters, effects, stickers, fonts, and graffiti. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, color, etc.


This application can generate new images from your gallery’s saved images. You simply need to download and install MOLDIV, after which you can add up to 194 filters and 13 unique and engaging themes.

Because MOLDIV is on this list, it goes without saying that this application also offers a collage function that can combine nine photos into a single, aesthetically pleasing image. You can perform professional photo editing, such as adding text and background patterns, in addition to making photo collages.

This is the recommended Android application for creating photo collages. Guaranteed it will no longer be difficult to combine photos into one. So, which one will you choose?

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